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How to set up account?

It’s simple! All we need to finalize your account creation is your workspace floor plans that you can send us in any format (Jpeg, PDF)  and the list of the your employees’ email addresses that can be collected by connecting your SSO (Gsuite, Microsoft, etc). Then we will take care of everything.

How do I plan my remote work policy?

In the planning section, select the department, teams or employees you wish and set a min/max number of days as well as fixed days of presence

Are you integrated with Slack?

Yes, very soon. Slack integration pushes regular updates on office presence for each team and allow users to directly book their days of presence

Is my company and employees’ data privacy protected?

Absolutely! We respect GDPR. We give your full control over your data. No third parties will  receive your your data from us and we will delete your data within 90 days after your contract termination.

How much in advance can employee book their days of presence?

You are the one who decides! You can allow employees to book within a predefined time window and with x days in advance.

Can you define zones dedicated to specific teams?

Yes, admins can assign specific zones to teams, departments or according to other logics (silence  vs noisy zone). You can also create unassigned zones where anyone can book freely and silent rooms.

Can anyone edit the remote policy?

Admins can grant access levels to different people in the organisation that will be able to also change your booking policy.

Is there an employee interface?

Yes, employees can log in the platform from desktop or mobile to check their schedule and book their seats

Who decides when employees come to the office?

Based on your company’s own work policy, you can either assign employees fixed days of presence or let them book as they wish within a set of constraints.

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