Work better, together

A unified workplace experience for hybrid teams in motion

Driving hybrid success for organizations like yours


From onboarding to user experience, Semana delivers a unified, streamlined solution so you can focus on what really matters: your business


Stay connected even when teams are remote. Collaboration is simple with transparency and visibility across hybrid schedules.


Sync and access Semana with your everyday tools. Managing in-office and remote schedules, meetings, and policies are unified and easy.

Regain control of schedules & occupancy

Who’s in the office and when? Gain visibility and insight into employees’ in-office and remote habits, and empower managers to work effectively with their teams.

Give teams control over their schedules

Apply policies according to teams and needs

Schedule work location by the day or half day

Book desks, meeting rooms, and other shared resources

Make data-backed decisions

Who’s working where? How are spaces being used? Analyze and optimize flex-work policies and better assess how collaborative spaces are being used as the role of the office evolves in hybrid mode.

Actionable insights into space occupancy and use

Define zones and desk assignments based on specific needs

Review dashboards and reports

Get custom dashboards for deeper insights

“ Semana is a great tool, very intuitive. It allows me to know in just a few clicks who is in the office and who is working remotely. Teams can organise themselves and schedule time together onsite.”

Streamline onboarding & change management

Yet another tool to manage? Implement Semana quickly and simply for seamless onboarding within your infrastructure and with your teams. 

Easy-to-use platform makes user adoption simple

Floorplan set-up included in account set-up

Integrate Semana within your everyday tools (HRIS, Teams, Outlook…)

Custom onboarding for admins and employees

Flexible like you

Your organization is constantly evolving. Semana grows and changes with you, continually delivering new capabilities and custom features to evolve alongside you and your workplace.