Revolutionizing its policy towards Full Flex – OpenClassrooms Success Story

With only 85 workstations for its 350 employees in the Paris region, OpenClassrooms faced capacity constraints. They needed a simple but efficient tool to regulate office occupancy.

OpenClassrooms revolutionizes its remote work policy with Semana: flexibility, simplified booking, and optimized workspace management.

Discover how OpenClassrooms manages workspace allocation, resolves office access challenges, and provides a simple user experience with Semana.

The Highlights:

  • 85 desks
  • 400 employees in France
  • Low flex rate of just 21%
  • Transition to “Full Flex” model
  • Introduction of a “Remote First” policy
  • Need to regulate access to workspaces

Organization of the remote work policy at OpenClassrooms:

Before the pandemic, OpenClassrooms had already implemented one work from home day per week for all employees. Following their move during the lockdown, the organization found itself with almost empty premises, with an average of only 40 occupied desks for a total of 400 employees, representing an occupancy rate of just 10%. As a result, they decided to reduce their office space and, therefore, capacity. OpenClassrooms chose more central premises that could accommodate double the average rate, with 85 desks.

Victims of their own success, OpenClassrooms quickly realized that their beautiful premises were overcrowded. Consequently, with the aim of adopting a hybrid model and offering more flexibility to employees, OpenClassrooms developed its “Remote-First Policy.” This policy allows employees to work from anywhere, whether it be the office, home, or in coworking spaces. The only condition to access the office is to reserve a desk in advance, ensuring efficient use of available spaces.

Improved workspace allocation management with Semana

OpenClassrooms needed an efficient tool to regulate office access, given the limited capacity of their premises. With 400 employees in France, including 350 in the Paris region, and only 85 available desks in the office, it was essential to implement a simple and basic reservation system to ensure that each employee has a desk when they come to the office.

“The only condition to access the office under our Full Flex policy is to book your desk before coming. To ensure you have a spot and avoid coming in vain, for security reasons, and also to gather data that allows us to realign needs and evolve our remote work policy.”

– Agathe Voulfow, Director of Workplace & Facilities at OpenClassrooms

Semana was chosen after a competitive selection process involving multiple market players due to its ability to meet the specific needs of OpenClassrooms, its quick deployment, and the responsiveness of the team.

“After a competitive selection process involving numerous market players, Semana won us over by perfectly meeting our needs. Their responsiveness, ability to adapt their offering, and quick deployment were determining factors in our choice. It was a natural decision for us.”

Key Results

In summary, Semana played a key role for OpenClassrooms in the success and evolution of their remote work policy, allowing the company to:

  • Maintain control over its occupancy rate at all times
  • Track data to evolve its policy
  • Provide employees with a better experience of hybrid work

All these measures ultimately contributed to optimizing the company’s flex office operations, thereby promoting its continuous growth.