Groupe La Centrale’s Successful Switch to Flex-Office

Groupe La Centrale was about to undertake a major move, shifting not just office furniture but an entire mindset. They were going hybrid. This is how Semana helped them make a successful switch to flex-office.

In the context of their move, La Centrale was reducing their office space from 180 desks for 180 employees, to just over 100 desks. They needed a solution to help navigate the way to a successful switch to flex-office, and to facilitate their brand new hybrid culture.

The Highlights

  • 104 desks for 180 employees
  • Moving to a new Paris headquarters
  • A need to define zones, policies by department
  • A need for visibility & ease of use

Groupe La Centrale discovered Semana in the midst of a large-scale move. They hadn’t yet found new offices. But it was in their plans to reduce their office space. A switch to a flex-office model without assigned desks was the way to go. Remote work had been practically inexistant at La Centrale a few short years ago. But with the lockdowns amid a global pandemic, the Group realized that a hybrid culture was viable and quite effective.

“Our remote work policy was defined as we came out of lockdown, like many companies. We saw that it worked well, was well-received by employees, and offered several key advantages, including cost savings. We launched a relocation project to reduce office space and fully implement a remote working practice.”

— Nicolas Poulain, Deputy CTO at Groupe La Centrale

Finding the right tool was indispensable for the Group to achieve a successful switch to flex-office and manage a new hybrid culture. La Centrale made use of Semana’s Planning Tool to simplify the complex task of defining geographic zones and policies, and to allocate teams based on their unique needs.

“We needed a tool that was simple, intuitive, efficient, and straight to the point, and that enabled us to manage the logistics of our move to flex-office. Semana was the clear choice.”

Discover why Groupe La Centrale chose Semana to support their needs for a flex-office solution that is powerful, efficient, and simple.