Implementing a Winning Hybrid Work Policy – Botify Success Story

As Botify’s workforce had different remote work routines and a flex rate of 70% , the company recognized in 2020 the need for a more efficient tool to manage its global hybrid work policy.

As the workforce continued to evolve, the company realized that its existing office space was no longer sufficient to meet their needs. To better manage their hybrid work policy, Botify needed a solution to gain visibility on their employee’s schedules and plan the office space accordingly.

The Highlights

  • 200 employees using Semana
  • 140 desks
  • 3 different hybrid work arrangements
  • Need for visibility on different schedules
  • International employees occasionally coming to headquarters

Botify’s Remote Working Policy

As an international company, Botify has offices and therefore employees not only at its headquarters in Paris but also in New York and London. The company experienced significant growth in 2020 which led them to find new premises that can better accomodate their evolving needs.

Drawing on their prior experience, Botify recognized the importance of careful planning when it came to their remote work policy, particularly during their office relocation. In November 2020, they conducted a survey of their employees to gather insights into their opinions, needs, and habits related to remote work, in order to select and set up their new workspace appropriately. It was during this process that they were introduced to Semana, a tool that would prove instrumental in managing their hybrid work policy moving forward.

“We had some very specific questions. The first is about the remote work policy we had chosen. It’s differentiated by department, simply because depending on the job, the need to work in teams and be together is not the same. We also wanted to make sure throughout the year that we had made the right assumptions. That the number of people who choose, for example, working full-remote corresponded to the projections we had made.

– Pierre Couzy, CTO at Botify

How Semana helped Botify optimize their hybrid work policy

Optimizing spaces

Upon relocating to their new premises, Botify wasted no time in implementing Semana. The tool assisted in setting up the workspace in accordance with their defined remote work policy and anticipated occupancy rates. Through Semana, the company was able to verify the accuracy of their projection for full-time remote workers and ensure that high-attendance office days did not result in any issues accommodating the increased number of staff.

Managing Remote Work Allowances

Semana also helped Botify manage their employees’ remote work allowances by providing a simple and effective measurement tool.

“We had another very specific element related to the remote work allowance policy for employees who work from home. And so here too, thanks to Semana, we had an extremely simple measurement tool that allowed us to manage this administrative part without it being an additional workload for other teams.”

Planning Work Schedules

Botify highlights the active role that Semana played in managing employees’ schedules. The tool allowed employees to easily indicate their office days and work-from-home days, while apprentices could log their training and school schedule.

“What I find the most useful, is when we define our work status in Semana, it is automatically updated in our Google Calendar. Our coworkers can also see if we are present or not so it makes it really useful to get organized as a team.”

– Solène Moncomble, HR Specialist chez Botify

This time and visibility gain allows managers as well as employees to better plan tasks and organize work. What was especially useful for an international company such as Botify, was that Semana heped employees from London and NewYork offices to book a spot in the parisian headquarters whenevr they needed to come.

“We have three possible remote work arrangements: Occasional remote work, where it is generally the employee’s request for occasional work from home days. Then we have recurring work from home, which is between one and three days of remote work per week. And then also a full-remote policy that is only available for a few employees. Therefore, Semana helps them book a spot in the office, and us to see how many employees are going to be present.”

Key results:

In short, Semana played a key role for Botify in defining and managing their remote work policy, allowing the company to:

  • Better adapt its premises
  • Track its employees’ schedules
  • Effectively manage remote work allowances

All of which ultimately contributed to optimizing the company’s hybrid work policy, and thus to its continued growth.

Discover why Botify chose Semana to support their needs for a hybrid workspace management solution that is powerful, efficient, and simple. Contact us to learn more — and transform the way you manage hybrid work.