360Learning testimonial : a remote-first organization

Famous among other things for its “Convexity framework”, 360Learning is a leading learning management system that has proved over the years its ability to keep employee culture and work environment as one of its key priorities. Considered as a remote-first organization even before the pandemic, they already had in place a resilient team culture as well as the systems to work, learn, and thrive wherever they happened to be in the world and whatever the circumstances.

At Semana, we’re very proud to count them as one of one our users since the early days of our development.

360Learning wants everyone to be free to choose where and when they want to work, providing they deliver the right impact and contribute to our shared success. This flexibility is a cornerstone of the so called “Convexity culture”. This was made possible partly thanks to Semana that allows them to efficiently “manage office presence and monitor occupancy”.

HR Operations and Office Manager, Federica Giupponi says:

“At 360Learning, one of our values is Your Life, Your Way. This includes working where is best for you and your family!”

According to Chief People & Culture Officer, Nicholas Wagner, “not every company can embrace this radically flexible work culture. Doing so takes the right attitude from leadership, and a transparent system of performance management”.

With Semana, “every 360Learner can book a seat before going there in order to be able to track presence and to respect social distancing” says Federica. “Making sure people respect the opened seats, check weekly occupancy rate and open new seats if needed. With Semana, I can do it with one click!

However, when it comes to remote working, there’s not such thing as one solution fits all and policy needs to be personalized to each population.

Federica concludes:

“Listen to your employees! Each individual employee has their own needs and your company just needs motivated people who do their job in the best conditions!

360learning - a remote-first organization