Semana For Facilities & Office Managers

Embrace the Future of Workspace Management

Unlock the full potential of your workspace with Semana.

Achieve flexibility and efficiency through optimized space management for Facility and Office Managers. Tailor your office layout to embrace the benefits of a flex office model.

Seamlessly assign desks and zones based on evolving team and policy needs, unlocking the full potential of your workspace.

Advanced Space Allocation Rules and Configurations

Effortlessly assign desks and zones to individuals, teams, or communities.

Set flexible assignment rules, such as daily allocation and automatic release, to streamline the allocation process. Seamlessly integrate meeting room reservations through Google and Microsoft workspace, ensuring smooth coordination of shared spaces.

“ Semana is a great tool. Very easy and simple to set up and use. No need to worry about reminders to employees, the tool can take care of it by email, via Slack… Everything I could dream of 😍 and there are often new features that improve the tool! ”

Flexible Policy Management

Define tailored policies for each team, zone, and the available number of desks. Visualize real-time workspace occupancy and make data-driven decisions to optimize resource utilization with flex office for facility managers. Adapt your policies and workspace accordingly, aligning with evolving work dynamics and maximizing productivity.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

Gain comprehensive insights into employee presence and desk occupancy rates in real-time.

Identify key occupancy trends and potential inefficiencies to proactively address workspace utilization challenges. Leverage Semana’s powerful dashboards and detailed reports to make informed decisions, optimizing your flex office environment.



Room Scheduling

Workspace Management

Social Connection

One click and your preferred desk or zone is reserved

Easily schedule remote and in-office days and compare with colleagues’ agendas

Book a meeting based on who’s in the office, and when

Organize your office space based on multiple constraints

Inspire chance encounters and valuable knowledge transfer

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