Semana For C-Level Executives

Accelerate Success in a Hybrid Work World

Embrace the future of work with Semana

Empower your organization to adapt and thrive in a flexible work environment.  Seamlessly integrate remote and in-office collaboration, enhance productivity, and foster a strong company culture.

Comprehensive features and intuitive interface make hybrid work simple, enabling you to optimize use of office space, improve connectivity, and make data-driven decisions. 

Enhanced Collaboration & Productivity

With Semana’s intuitive interface and comprehensive features, coordinating projects and teams becomes effortless.

Visualize workspace availability, book desks and meeting rooms, and stay connected in-office and remote. Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts and hello to seamless, productive collaboration.

“ We chose and set up Semana with the aim of optimizing the occupancy plan of our premises. Objective achieved, with the added bonus that our users love this fun tool! ”

Strengthened Company Culture

We understand the importance of human connection and the bonding moments that contribute to a vibrant organizational culture. With our people-matching algorithm, Slack & Teams integrations, and schedules explorer, Semana helps you create the interactions that spark great ideas and drive innovation.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Semana’s workspace management software provides comprehensive insights into how your office space is being utilized.

Make informed choices based on real-time data to drive cost-savings and optimize processes. With advanced policy and space management rules, you can guide the energy of your organization effectively.



Room Scheduling

Workspace Management

Social Connection

One click and your preferred desk or zone is reserved

Easily schedule remote and in-office days and compare with colleagues’ agendas

Book a meeting based on who’s in the office, and when

Organize your office space based on multiple constraints

Inspire chance encounters and valuable knowledge transfer

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