Unleash the potential of your organization through flexible work

A unified solution to make hybrid work simple


Week Planning

Room Scheduling

Workspace Management

Social Connection

One click and your preferred desk or zone is reserved

Easily schedule remote and in-office days and compare with colleagues’ agendas

Book a meeting based on who’s in the office, and when

Organize your office space based on multiple constraints

Inspire chance encounters and valuable knowledge transfer

Week planning for hybrid teams

Plan your work week in-office or remote, in a few simple clicks. Easily manage hybrid schedules and visualize where team members are working each day. Give employees the keys to manage their schedules according to company policy, synchronized with your HRIS, calendars, and communication tools.

Desk Booking

Reserve your preferred desk on in-office days so you’re sure to have a place near your team. Manage desk booking policies to match the reality of your office needs.

Find and book desks

Assign and rotate resources

Check-in and release

Accessible in your day-to-day tools

Room Scheduling

Eliminate the hassle of reserving meeting rooms for teams who may or may not be in-office. Find the best time to meet according to the group’s remote schedules and book an available conference room directly.

Locate rooms on your floorplan

Synced with Google and Outlook

See team schedules & location

Real-time booking availability

Where is everyone?

Work has evolved. It’s time to transform your business with flexible, hybrid work in mind.
In hybrid work, people and connections can get lost. Where is my team? Who’s working from where and when? Find each other and work better, together with Semana.

Space Management

Tailor your workspace to match the realities of your organization. Assign desks and zones according to team and policy needs and create flexibility where it’s needed most.

Desk, zone & room management

Design your floor plan

Advanced rules and assignment

Easy-to-use floor editor

Social Connection

Company culture happens when we connect. Bring back the interactions that can get lost in hybrid mode by facilitating connection and engagement.

See who’s in the office and when

Suggest times to meet

Catch up with those you haven’t seen

Plan your week to maximize face-time

Flexible policies for a dynamic workplace

One policy does not fit all. Design a remote work framework that evolve with the needs of every team and employee, and every stage.

Remote and office policies by team

Onboarding policies

Granular advanced settings

Facilities & Office

Optimize office space for new ways of working. Reduce desks in favor of collaborative spaces.

HR & People

Drive your remote work policy and support team cohesion. Sync’d with your HR tools.


Streamline technology and enable remote work with ease. Ensure security and connectivity across all devices and locations.


Empower your organization to adapt and thrive in the new era of work.

Dashboards & Analytics

Workspace management has never been so simple. Visualize your team’s hybrid schedules, analyze office occupancy, and better understand how remote work policies are working in real life.

Understand usage

Dashboards and reports

Export all data

Custom views on-demand

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