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Love using Semana? Think others should benefit as well? Share it with your network and earn up to €2000!

Introducing the Semana referral program. As a Semana user, you know better than anyone how it revolutionizes your daily routine in hybrid work.

Help others discover what you love about Semana… and earn up to 2000 € yourself !

Earn up to 2000 € for each new customer

Do you use Semana in your daily routine at work? Your friends, former colleagues, and network likely face the same challenges of flexible office organization, remote work planning, and lack of social connection in hybrid mode.

Share your personalized referral link so they can discover Semana for themselves, and earn big when they become a user like you.

How does it work?





Send your custom link to anyone you think might benefit from Semana

Click the button below or log into your Semana account to generate your unique link.

Your contact (or someone from their company) books a demo with us through your custom link

Your contact becomes a Semana user through their company!

For each demo that becomes a customer, earn 100 €. Just like that.

And then? You keep earning. Up to 2000 € for each annual contract!

Making hybrid work simple for 35,500 + collaborators in more than 25 countries!

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