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Simple, social and integrated

Manage your remote work policies and flexible workspaces easily, all while encouraging social connection thanks to Semana’s flex office software.

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Flex office, simplified

Introducing Semana: the all-in-one flex office application for streamlined organization, optimized workspaces, improved productivity, and strengthened social connection.

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A unified experience, integrated across all your tools

Transform your workspace and unlock its full potential with a complete flex office solution

  • Manage office occupancy and remote work schedules
  • Coordinate the presence of your teams on site and plan collaboration days
  • Say goodbye to double data entry with native integrations with SIRH, calendars, and more
  • Optimize your workspace according to your flex office policies and team needs
  • Support social connection through announcements, connection programs, and easy collaboration

Semana : the all-in-one solution to simplify flex office

Plan your remote and in-office work schedule, optimize desk assignments, and easily operate in flex office while maintaining a collaborative spirit

Transform your business towards a flexible and hybrid Future of Work

Even in hybrid mode, no longer lose out on visibility and collaboration:

  • Reserve desks, meeting rooms, and zones
  • View your teams’ and colleagues’ flex office schedules
  • Analyze in-office rates and trends
  • Promote collaboration and engagement among your employees
Groupe La Centrale a choisit Semana pour son passage au flex-office

“ We needed a tool that was simple, intuitive, efficient, and covered the essentials allowing us to manage the logistics of flex office. Semana was the obvious choice. ”