Integrations for a connected, flexible workspace

Experience seamless hybrid work. Plan your schedule, connect with others, and stay organized with Semana integrated directly in your everyday tools.

Semana integrations SIRH, Google, Microsoft
Desk booking

HR Systems

Synchronize time off and remote work days to and from your HRIS

Week planning


Organize your schedule directly within Teams and Slack

Room Scheduling

Meeting Rooms

Real-time, 2-way synchronization of meeting rooms and resources with Google and Microsoft

Space Management


Coordinate the best time to meet with calendar, room, and team

Social Connection

Identity Management

Sync with your Active Directory or HRIS and access Semana securely from anywhere with Single Sign-On (SSO). Protocol Saml and OAuth.

Semana where you work

Put an end to the multiplication of platforms. Semana integrates directly into your everyday tools so you can manage your week where you work. Native Teams and Slack experience makes organizing hybrid work even easier.

Streamline your tools

Synchronize your HR data with Semana’s remote work data for a unified view of who is working where and when, with no extra hoops to jump through.

HR Systems

Communication Tools



User Management