Semana +

Microsoft 365

The connected workspace management platform that simplifies flex-office.

Connect Semana to your Microsoft workspace and easily manager your schedules, reservations, users and spaces.

  • User provisioning: Automatically synchronize the arrivals and departures of your employees directly from Microsoft
  • Schedule synchronisation: Avoid double entry of data thanks to the synchronization of remote work and in-office schedules, and other statuses between Semana and Microsoft
  • Meeting room booking: Manage the reservation and visibility of meeting room and shared space availability and location, and connect this information with attendance schedules for meeting planning made easy
  • Calender visibility : Cross-reference calendar availability data with office availability to find the best times – and best place – to meet

Go even further with your Microsoft integration:

  • MS Teams : All Semana’s best features where you already work. Put an end to the proliferation of tools and centralize the management of your schedules, spaces and your work life directly in Teams. Find Semana in the Teams marketplace