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Discover Semana: the all-in-one solution for efficient flex office management, increased productivity and perfect space optimization.

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  • Manage office occupancy and remote work schedules
  • Coordinate in-office presence and establish collaboration days
  • Eliminate double data entry with native integrations & data sync
  • Optimize your workspace according to your flex office policies

Semana : the all-in-one solution for effective hybrid work

Plan your remote and in-office work schedules, optimize the allocation of desks, and easily manage flexible work policies while maintaining a collaborative culture.

Transform your company for a flexible and hybrid Future of Work

Enhance visibility and collaboration even in flex office:

  • Book desks, meeting rooms, and zones
  • Visualize your teams’ hybrid schedules
  • Analyze occupancy rates and trends
  • Encourage collaboration and engagement
Groupe La Centrale a choisit Semana pour son passage au flex-office

We needed a tool that was simple, intuitive, efficient, and straight to the point, and that enabled us to manage the logistics of our move to flex office. Semana was the clear choice.