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Semana Meet: Finding the Best Time to Meet Made Simple

Easily view team availability, find the best meeting time, invite collaborators, and associate a meeting room. Stay connected and maintain a strong team culture with Semana Meet.

Semana meet

In a hybrid work model, it becomes more and more complicated to know who is where and when. Organizing meetings, team get-togethers, and collaborative sessions becomes an extreme sport just to find a time and place that suits everyone.

To make life easier for hybrid organizations, Semana continues to innovate. Our latest feature, Semana Meet, enables you to:

  • Easily view team availability and office presence
  • Identify the best time to meet
  • Invite collaborators for a hybrid or in-office meeting
  • Associate a meeting room adapted for the occasion

Fully integrated with Google and Microsoft, Semana Meet offers a complementary entry point to your usual tools to simplify the challenge of getting together in an increasingly decentralized workplace.

Semana Meet will become indispensable for :

  • Managers who want to organize an in-person meeting with their teams
  • Employees who want to coordinate a lunch get-together
  • Project teams needing to meet for collaborative tasks at the office

While remotely working, team cohesion is increasingly undermined. To maintain a strong culture, hybrid organizations need to re-establish time for group work, socializing and bonding, and thus remain successful in the long run.

It’s time to get together in the office. Get organized with Semana Meet! Get in touch to access the beta version.