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Simplify Your Remote Policy Planning with Semana’s Free Tool

Remote working is booming and with most of your staff away from the office, it doesn’t feel like you need dedicated desks for everyone anymore. But how do you make sure you never exceed capacity ?

It can feel like a real hassle to fit a growing workforce in an office space that has less and less desks. How do you make sure your remote policy aligns with team requirements and office capacity ? Seems like putting a square peg in a round hole…

What is it?

  • Average office occupancy by weekday
  • Recommended desk allocation

Our goal is to help you optimise office occupancy according to your remote working policy while taking into account a number of parameters.

How does the remote policy planning tool work ?

All we need from you is to input the following parameters:

  • Office capacity
  • Team name and size
  • Remote working policy for each team (max days of remote and presence and fixed days of presence)

Note that you can adjust the “propensity to go to the office” level (how likely collaborators are to come to the office when they have the choice).

Our system will then help you visualise the average office occupancy for each team and how it relates to your maximum capacity limit.

In addition, we’ll help with the zone calibration including the minimum number of seats for each team as well as the number of unallocated desks that are required.

We find this particularly useful to size the so-called overflow zones. When you operate with less desks than your overall capacity, team zones tend to be smaller than team size. This may be a challenge when you want one particular team in the office on the same day and their zone is too small. Unallocated desks can be useful to absorb the extra capacity needed for these teams and act as an overflow zone.