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A pre-seed round to power hybrid organisations

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Dear everyone,

NicolasValerio and I are excited to announce that we’ve recently finalised our fundraising process with a pre-seed round of more than 600k€ obtained with Business Angels and BPI. This important milestone will allow us to accelerate our product and commercial development in France and across Europe. We feel incredibly grateful to all the people that supported us in that journey starting with our investors, Entrepreneur First, our clients and partners.

In 2020, companies have learnt how to work remotely in extreme conditions and they now understand better than ever all the benefits and drawbacks associated to it. Wishing for the best of both worlds, organisations will allow work to be done increasingly outside of the office leading to a greater decentralisation of their workspace. While the benefits for them are clear, they’ll have to make some adjustments in order to avoid hurting their team cohesion, well being and productivity.

Our ambition is to help these companies realise the full potential of a flexible workplace. We want to power hybrid organisations by enabling collaboration among teams and control over space utilisation. This requires a better planning, organisation and optimisation of employee presence across workspaces taking into account simultaneously multiple constraints.

Our solution is now being used by several thousand users every week in companies such as Ippon technologiesMeilleurs Agents360learning and Groupe Lemonde, etc. Semana is a team scheduling and office management software that makes it simple for them to :

  • Roll out a fair and flexible remote working policy
  • Make sure teams come at the same time and see each other while understanding who is where at anytime.
  • Optimise space utilisation and operate with less capacity than employees

We’re looking forward to building this with you !

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Kind regards,


CEO and cofounder of Semana