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Book Meeting Rooms in Semana for Easier Collaboration

Streamline your workplace collaboration with Semana. Book meeting rooms, phone booths, or any shared spaces easily. Integrated with Google and Microsoft for a seamless experience.

Reserve meeting rooms, phone booths, or other shared spaces easily with Semana. View the floorplan and room details to select the best space for collaboration in function of users’ locations and schedules.

The ways in which we use our workplace is changing. More and more, the office is becoming a place for collaboration and socialization, while the home is preferred for concentration.

Our mission at Semana is to help employees work and socialize better in an increasingly hybrid environment. The decentralization of workspaces makes it more and more complicated to organize your day by bringing together the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Make meeting room management easy

We are pleased to announce that you can now manage your meeting rooms directly from Semana. By accessing the Floor Plan page you can:

  • View meeting rooms and their availability
  • Book or modify a meeting reservation

Whether it’s for meeting rooms, phone booths or any other shared resource, make it easy for your employees to get organized!

An integrated approach with Microsoft and Google

There is no need to change the way you work. Semana integrates with Google and Microsoft’s resource management module to automatically synchronize your meeting reservations with your calendars.

This allows you to continue to book meeting rooms from your calendar while providing your employees with an additional entry point into the Semana interface for a seamless experience.

Interested in learning more about meeting room management with Semana? Ready to activate this feature in your account now? Contact our team directly.