Navigate hybrid work seamlessly

The connected workspace management platform that simplifies flex-office.
Visualize your week, manage desk booking and meeting rooms, and connect with coworkers to collaborate – all within one intuitive platform.

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Embrace flexibility in your workspace

Your hybrid work environment goes beyond the limits of the office. Visualize your workspace availability and eliminate the hassle of finding a space and time that works for everyone.

  • Desk booking
  • Meeting rooms
  • Week planning

Create the interactions that spark great ideas

Reawaken the connections that make your company culture. Reengage your workforce through human connection and “water cooler” moments that make your organization unique.

  • People matching algorithm
  • Slack & Teams apps
  • Schedules explorer

Guide the energy of your organization.

Realize the potential of your workforce! Establish clear hybrid work frameworks and optimize your schedule planning to empower your teams.

  • Space management rules
  • Advanced Work Policies
  • Dashboards & Insights

Semana is a great tool, very intuitive. It allows me to know in just a few clicks who is in the office and who is working remotely. Teams can organise themselves and schedule time together onsite.

Simple, powerful solution for enterprise-grade success

Secure by design, Semana ensures security and availability for your teams from anywhere. SSO-connected, GDPR-compliant.

GDPR Compliant

Secure by design

SAML v2 & OAuth2