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Our Solution

Office occupancy planning and workforce management

Plan your remote working policy

Time spent together onsite within or between teams

Frequency and rotation rules for remote working days

Business priorities and individual preferences

Office occupancy management

Flatten out office occupancy and downsize your office space without ever exceeding capacity

Keep your employees safe during COVID by maintaining social distancing within the office

Monitor your occupancy and remote policy performance indicators

Workforce management

Visibility for HR and employees over remote and onsite presence

Check anytime where people are sitting across workspaces

Assign zones to teams or desks to individuals



Multiple constraints

Define your remote working policy using multiple type of constraints

Flexible groups

Apply constraints to departments, teams, individuals and special projects that you can adapt continuously

Search individuals

Search individuals, see immediately their schedule and floor plan presence


Integrate with your existing tools

Simple integration with your existing HRIS tools including SAP, Charliehr, Workday, ADP, Lucca, Peoplesoft, etc.

Easy integration with GSuite and Microsoft for authentification and calendar sync.


Secured authentification with Google Sign-in & Microsoft Azure

Data privacy

Compliant with GDPR

Data security

Google Cloud infrastructure
&  SSL protocol

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